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Greyhound Trust Shropshire & Borders Snowy

Meet Snowy, racing name Affirmed, who is a very handsome white and black lad. Snowy is 31/2  years old (08/02/2018) he is a tall elegant  hound who is on the larger side for a greyhound (approx 35kg). He is a lovely boy who is very well mannered and walks nicely on the lead. He can be a shy boy and will need to be allowed time to settle into his new home coming for a fuss when he is ready. Once he gets to know you he loves a fuss and a good lean on you. He is good with children and doesn't mind being left for a short while, he also likes other greyhounds and would happily share his new home with a greyhound or other large breed of dog.  Snowy takes time to assess new situations but has enjoyed a day out with us and travels well in the car. He is a big dog but he's a lovely quiet boy so you'll hardly notice he's there.

We do have some interest in Snowy and would ideally like a rural home with a secure garden for him.