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Greyhound Trust Shropshire & Borders Danny

Meet Danny, registered name Sparks Danny, who has just joined us from Ireland to look for his new home. Danny is a handsome black lad who is 5 years old, it was his birthday earlier this week (07/04/2016) and he did get a special treat, he’s hoping the next birthday will be spent in his forever home! Danny is a lovely boy, he walks nicely on the lead and enjoys his walks. He loves a fuss and a play in the garden. He does a little dance if he’s excited and can jump up when he’s feeling playful. He is not cat friendly but has so far been happy to say hello to other dogs we have met on the lead. He has backed off with any dogs that have barked at him, including the small yappy ones! He is still interesting in chasing things that move, including squirrels and has found off lead dogs running about more exciting. He may just need to get used to realising he's not always expected to join in, he is happy to stand and watch. He would be fine as an only dog and would love a garden to play in.