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Comanche -RESERVED

Meet Comanche, racing name Mo Cara Comanche, who is a black and white,  2 1/2 year old male greyhound (DOB 16/07/2019). Comanche is a very friendly boy who loves a fuss and a cuddle, he also has the most amazing comedy ears! He has only had a few races preferring instead to look for a loving family of his own. He is good with other breeds of dog and seems to be ok around children. He is a tall lanky lad who can be quite playful and loves to throw a teddy around. He walks nicely on the lead but if he becomes interested in something he wants to watch or sniff at he can become stubborn and refuse to move, we tend to jolly him along or distract him with treats when this happens to get him going again. He travels well in the car, although he will often wait for you to help him get in!

Comanche has met our cat and we think in time and with some work he maybe able to live with one provided they can have their own space. Although good with small dogs out on a walk Comanche can get very playful which might prove too much for a small dog in a home with him. He is fascinated by livestock and horses at the moment so this is something to be aware of if you live in a rural area.  He has shared a kennel while racing so we think he would be happy living with another dog as well as being happy as an only dog. He'd like a home with a secure garden so he can have a play and let his hair down now and again, although for a young dog he is very chilled.   



Greyhound Trust Shropshire & Borders Comanche