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Carlos - In foster pending adoption.

Carlos really hasn't had the best of luck recently - can you help us change that for him? Carlos had been in a home for 6 years until very sadly his owner died. Carlos is 9 yrs old (DOB 27/07/2013) and was living with a greyhound girl but she was from another Charity and is being re homed by them now.

Carlos is a very handsome blue boy and is very happy now he is back with us, he wasn't particularly bonded to his companion and we think he'd be just as happy on his own with someone who is around most of the day or with another greyhound girl who is happy for him to have his own space.  

He walks really well on the lead, was house trained and slept downstairs on his own. He appears to be happy to meet other dogs although he prefers to keep to himself. He loves people and is very friendly and loves a fuss, coming for cuddles and leaning on you pushing other hounds out of the way if it gets him more fuss. Carlos enjoys his walks and loves a day out with you.

Carlos does have an eye condition which means his pupils do not dilate any more. There is no treatment for this, it will just mean making sure Carlos has access to a shady spot in the garden and can be walked in the early morning or late evening in the summer when the sun it at its brightest. Otherwise it doesn't affect him or his eyesight but you might see him squinting a bit in bright lights.

We would love to get him back into a home of his own, he's a lovely boy and still has a lot to give to the right person or family. Carlos is not used to young children and would prefer a quiet home were he can spend plenty of time snoozing on the sofa. We will consider a long term foster home if we can't find a permanent home for him. He's the perfect companion for an older couple or individual. Unfortunately we do not think he could live with a cat.


Greyhound Trust Shropshire & Borders Carlos